Thursday, September 17, 2020

What happened to the Feature? And Norux Anihes WIP

I...kinda missed Feature 86, didn't I? And there was such a streak going!
My apology on that. I was so busy Monday that I didn't get a chance to really settle down. Good news, if you're interested, though! Neurologist thought that things were currently going pretty well so I'm happy!
Feature 85 will be posted on Monday of next week, on the normal schedule. Hope to see you there!

Norux is coming out fairly well, thank goodness. I'm normally awful about 3D but this clothing is trying to work out properly. His armor is proving to be difficult but what else is new for a person who has trouble seeing 3D if there's no color? XD

References for this image:

Sooooo... What I see about his boots? I need to get those laces to circle around the front of the boots. Maybe re-sketch them some! But oh my stars, I dread getting to his armor. It's leather armor around his waist...The front part would be most likely gathered between his legs in some form. 

The back will very likely be falling straight down too in some form.
His chin is also incorrect! I knew it! ...I just have no idea right this moment how to correct it. Maybe bring the chin up a bit more? Well, all that will be a lot of fun to work on. Wish me luck! XD


  1. FYI, I think you mean, missed #86.

    1. One of them, yeah. I'll still get it in order this coming Monday. XD