Monday, September 21, 2020

Feature 86--Unialien

The colors drew me into this picture immediately. Unialien has a mastery of them, don't you think?
This is meant to be a coastal scene in this world that she has created and those plants that she added here are something amazing. If you click the link to her piece here, she has a whole story about this location and you absolutely have to check it out. I really had fun reading and learning about all this.

Look at that gorgeous sky and the planet/moon that is barely seen as the sun sets. (as I imagine anywho)
The thin little cracks(?) waterfalls(?) on the tree and rock in the left were done amazingly well. And just look at these plants in the foreground!
The story she tells in this one is a bit sadder. This location was attacked in a war and it still manages to be so pretty... Go to the link under the picture to read it yourself! She sets up the scene beautifully.

This creature is a cute little baby playing in the snow around it. She did a lovely job on this little dude, don't you think? I personally love that it seems to be something dinosaur-ish; it'd be so cute to have a personal dinosaur or dragon pet! And what do you think about its little scarf? Fits perfectly!
Unialien has written a short tale just for this little guy too. So again, I have to encourage you to go check this one out too!

When I saw these pieces in my deviantart notifications, it made me so excited to get to these! I am so drawn by all of her stories underneath these pictures too. I couldn't say enough, she's a great writer. If you'd like to see more of this, definitely check out all of Unialien's gallery!


  1. Hi! Thanks so much for featuring my awesome works! 😁 I forgot that Blogger it's part of Google, so I got the chance to reply it. Glad indeed you liked my precious works! 🥰 Also, I returned doing traditional works, so If you want to see more, be sure to visit my gallery for newest.

    1. You are so very welcome! They're all beautiful, thank you so much for letting me share them.
      And thanks so much for telling me about your traditional work!

      Traditional is something amazing to me.

    2. No problem! 😁 I'm glad indeed you like them so much!