Thursday, August 13, 2020

Norux's sheet and pricing update

Hello everyone, thanks for dropping by my page! I'm slowly working on the Norux character sheet and all I really need to do is dress his action poses here.

With any luck, the standing sword pose shouldn't be any more difficult than when I was dressing him for the images on the left. That leather armor is going to be quite weird looking on the top pose, long as everything works!

I believe that I'll be recording the painting and not the linework this time. Hopefully, I'll remember to post the link on the videos tab!

I also wanted to bring up where I updated my commission prices

The whole thing is simpler than before. I have had to update my line art, flat color, and full color prices to bring myself more into a competitive price range to other artists. This will mostly help with buying groceries and paying the bills that I cover in this household.

You will also probably notice that I have given a baseline where I will start my character prices from;
"Clothes and Weaponry per character:1 shirt, 1 jacket, 1 belt, 1 trousers (or dress), 2 boots, 2 blades or guns. $5 for each extra"
I have to agree that the more detail on each character is nice. But this limitation is to write out clearly where my prices begin and how more will add up into the finished price.

If I am already working on something for you, your prices will not change from what we agreed. This is only for new pieces! 

Thank you so very much for reading!

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