Monday, August 17, 2020

Feature 82--RavenCorona

Game Over

Oh noooo, poor Link! We all know that it would have to end this way at some point...We can thank ol Argorok right there for doing away with that horrific stomach that would have eaten up the whole world, eventually.
If you'd like something more impressive about this piece, this is done in Acrylic! Didn't RavenCorona get things just right with that medium? And just look at this angle! It's an excellent piece.


Scarlet Devil Dragons

In this piece, he drew some Touhou characters as dragons! Do you recognize either of them?
Honestly, I'm just super impressed with how RavenCorona draws his dragons. And these were drawn and colored with color pencils and a bit of ink.
I'm very hooked with the background that he put on this too. It seems to just fit with the styles of dragons that were done here...though I'd be lying if I didn't personally love the top dragon. I can't decide if it's the skulls around it or if it's the hint of "poison". (It's how I read the skulls, anywho.)


Swamp Dragon

I personally love this dragon, look at the fins at its feet. That would make it super easy to get around in that water in a swamp. But I think the wings just hooked me. Just that the wings are so thin to be slightly transparent just ticks all the right boxes for me.
And this was painted in watercolor, too! Didn't RavenCorona just do an amazing job with it? So much respect for how he built the image with the paints!

If you enjoyed these three images as much as I did, you're really going to love going through RavenCorona's gallery! He does more than just dragons so you've got to take a look at how well he controlled the mediums for those.

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