Thursday, August 20, 2020

Norux's fire pose is finished!


Only one more pose to design--and that last one on the right should be much easier than the kneeling one. Pretty excited about how well this is working out. It's not going to be long until color can be added!

...Yes, I've got one boot to add on the kneeling pose but I'm so lazy that I wonder about hiding it with fire. XD My ego probably won't allow me to do this but it's a fun idea to play with. We'll see!
Also, I finally copied the sword handle and put it on the front and back facing poses on the left. They finally look complete!

Even better! The next time this is posted on the blog, the front and back poses should have some color! You saw those before on this picture; so I'm pretty excited to see if they fit just as well on this piece.

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