Monday, August 24, 2020

Feature 83--Ayywa



The first image is a strong runner, isn't it! This is from a character from the Demon Slayer show? I know nothing about her but, in my opinion, Ayywa has done an amazing job with her. To me, it appears that this character has thrown themselves back into a spiritual water-like, location. Perhaps it's where she faces the demons that she has to kill?
I would like to think the butterflies are from her, as if it's a show of her power going out to search for the problems she has to meet? Beautiful piece!

Ancient Android Lady

This is an original character that Ayywa created. I think I really enjoy the way that the tells that the character is an Android merge so easily into the more 'natural' form of the body. And don't you just love the way her hair is done?
I'm totally amazed by how this is painted. I wonder how long it took? Because all the time taken was definitely well worth it!


All that I know about this character is that she's from Sword Art Online. Is that a show or game? I have no idea. But the way that this character is painted makes me not really care. Isn't this some amazing use of color and darkness? Also, the hair again. Ayywa is amazing with hair!
I think I'm most amazed with how Ayywa separated the gold color of the armor with the character's blonde hair. I wonder how much time had to be used to separate the two? Amazing work!

Ayywa's gallery is here. Y'all have to drop by, they have so many pieces that are just as amazing as these! Don't forget the Twitter and Instagram! It will be great. ^^

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