Monday, July 20, 2020

Feature 78--ScottToms

This is a super well-taken photo, in my opinion! The pup front and center with some grasses and the hills behind. It was a good choice to share that lead the dog is on too, it fits in the colors all around. I also think that I like how well the colors go from light in the sky to shadow and neutral in front. 
Excellent picture!

Doesn't it almost look like you could run your fingers through that fur? I wish I could make paints work out as well as ScottToms did. I wonder how the texture was created? I think this is acrylic but we all know how untrained my eye is to decide that.
Whatever the case, I bet this was a ton of fun to work on!

The finale of the feature is an absolutely gorgeous photo of a river that is edged by that rock. Beautiful location! It appears like it'd be somewhat difficult to get to this place but really? To see this at the end of some work to get there would be its own reward! I almost wish I knew where this is...
Thank you so much for sharing this, ScottToms!

You guys have got to see what else ScottToms has in his gallery. It was so fun to feature his work, so I'm sure that you'll enjoy what you can find on his page. ^^ Be sure to check his Pet Pics folder and his My Hiking Trips folder while you're there!

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