Thursday, July 16, 2020

Videos page? Oh I'm trying!

Since I'm going to be posting videos from YouTube, it'll make perfect sense to put them on their own page. At least I think so! They won't be squeezed between the features and my own posts, at least.
But of course my own brain is standing in the way of how to accomplish this idea. >>;

I don't remember for my life how to make a new site to become a new page. Sheeez. It doesn't help because everything I can find is how to get a new page on the old way Blogger was working. It's going to be locked to the new set up sometime pretty soon so I hope the instructions will hurry up and straighten out.

But onto my projects!

1. I'm working on painting this picture while recording: 
It'll be another video to add to my YouTube library. If only I could stick to one thing at a time, this would have been finished a lot sooner and I could just be working on the other thing! But it's still very fun to see it all come out.

2. I've already shown this one before, right? 

My apologies for posting the same thing twice. I've just been so trapped in playing an Assassin's Creed game that a friend gave me. Why did no one tell me how good that series is? It's eaten so many hours of my time...
Hm. To be fair, even if someone had told me how good it is, I probably wouldn't have had a computer willing to play it. You don't have to have a "gaming" computer to play them! Just don't buy the cheapest computers in the world and things will be just fine.

Thanks to Ace Edmonds for his help getting my Videos page up and running! He was able to figure out what made the most sense for the idea that I was trying to put together and helped me get everything set up for it.
I linked to his blog Dream Classier there at his name. Go check his blog and everything!

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