Thursday, June 4, 2020

First Video! Featuring Norux

It's a recording of the lineart that I posted about last Thursday! I think it's going to be great fun to continue doing this here and again for my personal projects. And this one isn't over! I have to paint Norux in his new clothes. That is going to be so much fun, considering how interesting it was for this one recording.

With any luck, I'll eventually succeed in making this site have a videos page if I don't just work up a 'search through labels'. (And let's be honest. I'm lazy about looking through my own. Why wouldn't someone else be? XD)

Anyway! I hope y'all enjoy!

Monday; June 1:
I've been told that 10 minutes is a little long for these. At this point, I'm unsure how to do anything with it me a favor and just give me a 'view'? XD Thanks!

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