Monday, June 8, 2020

Feature 72--JBasco15


Do you see those little birds flying around her? They're so cute! JBasco15 mentions that this is from Fate/Ground Order, which looks like a Japanese RPG. What I've read about it seems quite interesting; no wonder he wanted to paint this character! And oh my gosh. Didn't he do this one great? From her hair, to her clothing, and then to the painting she is doing; all of this clearly belongs in the whole scene. Gorgeous work!

La Pucelle d'Orleans

This character is from Fate/Apocrypha and Fate/Grand Order, their version of a Jeanne d'Arc character type. I have got to say that I really enjoy how well JBasco15 drew her clothes and armor. I'm pretty sure that's a staff of some kind that she's holding behind her back. Doesn't her pose look so natural? Also, her face armor she has pushed up to her hair looks useful enough to protect her eyes...that's all a game wants, really! Her eyes, by the way, are a lovely shade of purple. You may need to go to the page linked below the image to see that.

Senryu Girl

Isn't she dressed perfectly for a school girl? Her name is Nananko Yukishiro and she's from the anime Senryu Girl. Apparently she only speaks through a form of haiku? That's a pretty interesting draw, in my opinion. And I love her golden brown eyes, paired with that dark brunette hair color! It makes them almost visible in the small version I'm sharing. JBasco15 also did an amazing job pulling the character forward, in my opinion.

The poses that JBasco15 chose for these characters are super amazing, aren't they? Especially with how well he drew and painted them! If you would like to see more of his work, definitely take a look at his whole gallery!

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