Monday, June 1, 2020

Feature 71--Bonbon-Bunny-x3


This is such a sad piece, it brings to mind when I was stuck with those questions repeating for years. Bonbon has done a great job in showing the darkness and loneliness in this state of mind. And what a very dull bit of light on the character. She must feel terrible.
I'm not at all sure what kind of character this is meant to be, but I can clearly see a mechanical look about her. Maybe she (the character) was hidden in the closet like so much trash? Poor thing!

Watermelon Soul

I really enjoy this piece. Watermelon Soul is the best name that could have been given it, in my opinion. Love the coloration in this one and I enjoy the pattern of the bunny's fur. Bonbon lit this image up very well too, with how everything is coming out of the shadows. And don't you enjoy those lighter shades of pink on the bunny's ear and leg?
This is a super piece, great work Bonbon!


Bonbon states in the artist's comments (as well as on the image itself) that Rio is based on Funtime Chica as a human. Unfortunately, I don't know much about that game but, from what I can tell, this would be something like they would put Chica in if she were a human-like robot. XD
I think that Bonbon did very well in dressing this character to make her look like she would be a dancer, it's a great setup.

In all, I really enjoy everything in Bonbon-Bunny-x3's gallery! The style is done so well in my opinion. Go check it out!

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