Monday, May 4, 2020

Feature 67--Azurelly

Defenders of the Crystal
This is a gathering of Azurelly's "stained glass" Final Fantasy heroes. I fully love how she set up the glass around the figures--the green and yellow fits great next to all of these. She has plenty of references that she used and she linked to them at the end of her artist comments. 
My eyes keep being drawn to the crystals down at the bottom. Considering that most of the Final Fantasy games mention crystals, I think that they fit brilliantly.

Can't you hear its cry?
All of these pieces are gorgeous but this one is the one that drew me into the feature itself. Didn't she do great in showing the distance in the room itself? Azurelly left a link to a youtube video that you should listen to. It fits this area perfectly! 
I love how lonesome and kinda sad this image looks like there are not enough people coming to the area. (Considering that it appears to be a villain's place, I wouldn't really argue with the heroes. XD)

The Star
This is a redraw of a summoner called Rydia. That dragon behind her looks great, I love how it seems to be watching her magic in preparation of what is asked of it. (This is apparently the Mist Dragon from FF IV?) 
I love how she drew and painted that starry background, don't you? It looks perfect for everything that is going on in the foreground...I wonder if Rydia is creating the background with her magic or if it's just a starry night? Excellent work!

If you want to see more of Azurelly's work (and you should!), her gallery is here! I probably didn't give her enough credit to her work, they're all super amazing, but my words are failing me today. You'll really enjoy getting to see more of this beautiful painting style! ^^

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