Thursday, May 7, 2020

Finally got the idea for a personal piece!

In the middle of working on my first personal piece in ages, I got the idea to create a Patreon. It's still in the 'setting up' process but, if you're interested in at least checking on it, here's the link:

Anyway, that personal piece I mentioned is going to be another character sheet! This one will be for my Awakening the Inferno fire elemental, Norux. It's currently set up to look like this:

 ...No, I've been distracting myself so there are no lines yet. >>; That's naughty. But now that I've shown it somewhere, I am going to be forced to do something with it!
Isn't it nice that I feel like playing with my own artwork again?
Didn't use the doll through all of this and it used the normal amount of time. Perfect!

In other good news? I am finally starting to feel better from this sinus-infection-turned-COVID19. They did the test on me and it came back if I had ignored that 'sinus infection' any more than the month and a half I did, it may have turned out plenty worse.
The worst that I have now is a little bit of coughing and sleeping in the wrong hours. Can't wait to be entirely over it but it's getting so close!

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