Monday, May 11, 2020

Feature 68--CaptainEdwardTeague

Surtur from Thor Ragnarok

Doesn't this guy look properly threatening? I really like how CaptainEdwardTeague drew and painted this guy; along with how well she drew up the sword. My eyes are drawn to where the magma is shining through Sutur's stone. After looking up a little about this character, it's one who fought Thor (unsuccessfully, I bet). But seeing the character on that movie makes me admire what the artist did here even more!

This was one of my favorite fights in Majora's Mask and she did a super job on him and those bats flying all around. I love how CaptainEdwardTeague rendered that scythe, too, especially with those teeth holding the blade in! Yet again, I am quite glad that this dude had no place in Ocarina of Time's Shadow Temple. That place was terrifying enough for little young me and I can't imagine how awful it would have scared me. XD Thank you, Nintendo, for waiting until Majora's Mask to place this dude.

Love these mechanical wings on this character, and they match up with the Valkyrie's armor and helmet! And I really wish that I could see how she uses that weapon of hers. It looks to be a mace of some kind and I enjoy the design that CaptainEdwardTeague put onto it! The armor itself looks great, too, and very akin to how I see armor used in several video games. Perfect! 

I recommend that you guys check out CaptainEdwardTeague's gallery; especially if you enjoyed this feature! I didn't say half enough about how well she's done on everything; I respect the time and effort she's done with all of these!

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