Thursday, April 30, 2020

This was a long way to fall

I have always ALWAYS had Norux (a volcano/fire elemental in an old story of mine) sort of afraid of heights. Minecraft just proves why he might have this fear. XD Just imagine, for a brief moment, that you fell this far...

Thank everything that I play in Creative. XD If I didn't, he would have died from this drop. ...serves me right for exploring a mountain range!

Something a little more interesting? This cave seems to be connected to a mine! I just have to find where...It can't be that far away. There were very many Zombies and Creepers in this one space! So it's time to dig outward in some form to try to find the space--it would be great to be able to ride in and out in a cart.

If I keep playing on this save (after such a gift why not?), I'll be building a town and a few more spaces nearby and will share what I can!

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