Monday, April 27, 2020

Feature 66--internetontheblink43

Isn't this expression beautifully painted in this piece? I personally like how the artist was able to frame the face with the hair, and then block in the rest with that gray shade. And doesn't the gold paint just jump out everywhere that it was put? Those eyes are gorgeous, too!


I really enjoy the color on this piece. And take a look at the girl in the image this time, she was painted very well! The blue hair feels like it just sets all of this off brilliantly, and it's so fun to see the surrounding sketches and paint become their own characters all around her!

In the artist's comments this time, internetontheblink43 explains how to get the augmented reality to work. (On Android for now) 

Edge study
This piece comes to us after internetontheblink43 discovered the wet edge brush on Photoshop. I enjoy how the background came out with it (and seems to shove the face forward). Like the rest of their portraits, this one is very well done and I love those thin eyebrows. 
The black and gold on this piece have come out in an interesting way this time; the paint on the left seems to be miming a figure, to a degree. And the bit on the right is fun to try to see shapes from too.

internetontheblink43 leaves a link to their reference image for the portraits in all the artist comments for these three pieces, so don't forget to take a look!
This is some excellent work. Thank you so much, internetontheblink43, for allowing me to feature all of these! Here is their gallery. Be sure to jump over to it, you have got to see how they handle color paintings.

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