Thursday, April 23, 2020

About this new gaming computer!

I have finally gotten that computer that I've been blabbing about!

It's so exciting to actually be building up this PC to be exactly what I want for Steam games and 2D art/minor 3D setups! I'm pretty certain that it should let me record all of that with OBS Studio without an issue and this computer is doing excellent in showing the game graphics. (This time I have an HDMI/DVI wire connection? The difference in what the monitor is showing is amazing.)

I can use Blender with very little lag and was able to set this tabletop and wall without issue:
I will probably change the wall later, but just that I could do it at all!
(Edit: Tutor was recently able to check out my file to see what's causing that black circle around the cup. We'll be working on that fairly soon!)

So far, I've only played a little Darksiders, and King's Bounty: The Legend, Gems of War, and Two Point Hospital, but every single one of those is not lagging at all like the previous PC. The previous computer was amazing but this one really shows the difference between a gaming pc and the basic one I had before.
...I did not realize the last computer was lagging on Darksiders and Two Point Hospital. It's such a difference!

Have to give a mention about Cobratype Computers, at this point.
They shipped a large box with a smaller one in the center, surrounded by all the packing peanuts necessary to make sure that the center box (with the computer, mouse, and keyboard) was steady the whole trip. And I had a minor issue with getting my monitor to work but a very quick contact with customer service solved everything in record time.

So if y'all are interested in a new PC for whatever reason, check them out. This one was so worth saving for!


  1. Awesome! So glad it's working out for you. If you want to play Minecraft with me, just let me know.

  2. I've been getting things set up for the art stuff, haven't even downloaded Minecraft yet. It's almost time to correct that oversight...

    Is there a version that shouldn't make Windows 10 choke?