Monday, January 27, 2020

Feature 53--secret-gloria

MetaDenki-x-Special Feeling
These two are so very cute, aren't they? secret-gloria told me a phrase for the couples in these three pictures, that she "called them Thunder "MetaDenki" Youth" and that seems cute to me. Isn't the way she designed these two adorable in this scene? It's like they went out on a walk in the snow. 
What I really love about this picture is how well she balanced the dark colors against the white of the snow. It really doesn't look like the image is overwhelmed at all! 

MetaDenki x Happy Pocky Day
Here we are with another dark-haired couple, this time eating up a Pocky stick at the same time. It was drawn before the two met lip to their embarrassment, by the pink cheeks on them! This is still an adorable piece. 
(Can we tell that I forgot to ask their names when I was talking with secret-gloria? ^^; My error!) 

MetaDenki x Lightning Lotus Chakra Mode
She calls this a colored version of a picture she had done previously. Love how they both come out, honestly. You should compare them!
I see Earth and Electricity in the colored version. And it's fun to see how the shadows became green in this. It fits. If you're standing on a cloud, as it appears these two are, any shadow would have to be another color than what we're accustomed to seeing!

secret-gloria has many more pictures like these in her gallery. You should take a trip there and explore through what else she created in her scenes and characters!

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