Wednesday, January 29, 2020

And I was worried about having nothing to post!

Tutor just told me that we'll start working with Blender--he tried it out and it loaded faster than Maya does for him. Isn't that amazing? I always thought that paid programs like that would be better in getting started up.
It's even more impressive that the program definitely works for me, too! It not only loaded, but I can move both the camera and the cube without my computer stuttering!

As much trouble as this computer had been before the Crash of 2019, it's so amazing to see this whole window opening so quickly and allowing me to move everything around. (I'm sorry for no video. No real idea how to make videos as of yet or I'd be happy to show that I can do those simple things.)
It'll be so nice to learn how to use this and see how to make it cooperate with Clip Studio.

Bet this is a super useful program to get background ideas and the like designed and modeled! I'm definitely looking forward to starting with it.

This is an interesting beginner's series to watch and play with! At least to learn some of the simple keyboard shortcuts for things.
I'm super excited to learn this program!

Now if I'll just get finished with my armature homework so I could move on to this! @@ Even got the go-ahead from my tutor to learn the basics from Blender Guru. (Can't wait to play with that donut and coffee cup in Blender Guru's tutorial videos. XD)

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