Monday, December 2, 2019

Feature 48--NightriderBJ

Woman in White Charcoal
Super work for another traditional piece! Look how well NightriderBJ was able to hint toward the form. They must have a super grip on how to draw the human form when not bringing one out of the darkness. I'm utterly amazed and am so glad to be able to show these pieces here!

Woman with a Hat
Another piece that is coming out of black. I'm so jealous (as if you couldn't tell from the first feature. XD). Isn't this one fun to look at? There isn't a note to how long this one may have taken to create, but I could see a couple of days going for this. It'd be so worth the time and effort too!

Statue Study #2
In this pencil on white paper piece, NightriderBJ has decided to draw a broken statue. They've done a super job in this, I can easily see how the statue looks to have had its head lopped off. I wonder who broke this statue? 
Away from the broken space, didn't the way Nightrider built up the hair and facial features look just like a statue that might have been looked at? It's like I could reach out and just grab that neck.

You should seriously check out NightriderBJ's whole gallery. There are many studies and drawings with the methods shown in these three, and I hope that they're able to create more if they're able to spend more time on the site!

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