Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Art tab redone and more Coffee Time

I've been waiting for a chance to bring up the new Art tab but I have got to follow the rules that I set when I first started doing features. But now, it is time! Perhaps you've already noticed that the Art tab has a new way to get to my work? If not, there are now three buttons that will take you to the three major subsections of the page instead of having all the art jumbled together.

The top one is Finished Work, which will let you see the pieces that I have painted and now consider complete. The center button is the Lineart section that is made of pieces that I don't really have an interest in coloring at the moment (but might later). And the third button is for the Sketches that are left as nothing more interesting or are pieces that I left at the incomplete stage.
It seems cleaner to me and I hope that you can grow to like it as well!

And of course, there's an update to the Coffee Time comic! It so looks like Haley got splashed with some of that dropped/spilled coffee and I love it. XD So much more fun than the basic "WTF" reaction from Valeon and Jesse's table that was shown in previous sketches, yes?

Haley's Pose from SenshiStock

I had so much fun playing with the pose I found on SenshiStock's deviantart gallery. If you're an artist and you regularly use reference poses (you should!), her personal site is right here! This site is where you can buy several photo packs for drawing references and she has a timed app that you can practice drawing from.
Why not check it out and enjoy yourself? ^^

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