Monday, December 9, 2019

Feature 49--ShinoriChian


Ophelia is an original character in ShinoriChian's manga, she explains in the artist's comments. I am very impressed with the angle this one is drawn in and Ophelia's clothes seem to be falling very naturally. I personally like the featherlike quality on that rightmost part falling from her hip. And that burst of magic from her hand? All this makes me wonder about the character's talents and skills!

This picture shows a very active scene. I can just imagine the sound of magic and weapons clashing together! Apparently, this is the firsts scene where these two characters (Shin on the left and Rux on the right) formed their rivalry. 
Can you see the amount of detail in the background here? It's so fun to just sit and look at it for a time!

I find myself lost in the background here. She brought everything forward so nicely to frame the character and she did a gorgeous job on those leaves! This is an amazing scene. I can personally see the character as a leader of some kind, standing out on a balcony for some time to herself.
Speaking of the character, aren't those folds of her sleeve done so nicely? And just look at that hairpiece on her head. I bet that would have taken hours to do in the scene--it looks superb!

I'm going to link to both ShinoriChian's Deviantart gallery and to her Artstation gallery, as it seems that she keeps the in-progress pieces in her Artstation. If these three images here have impressed you as they did me, definitely go check these galleries out!

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