Monday, November 18, 2019

Feature 47--Lady-Rococo
A Child's Gift
This drawing is actually a redraw of something that Lady-Rococo drew when she was much younger! Go to the link provided to get a look at the original, she posted it in her Artist Comments below the piece. (And I really do like both versions!)
What I like most about this version is how she put that design behind the character and how good those clothes look on him. Lady-Rococo mentions that he's based on something not too unlike Hetalia, where the characters are meant to be the countries, and she says this one is Ireland. That's a very fun idea and I hope that she got much entertainment from redrawing!

Please go to the link below my swiftly made literature "icon". Lady-Rococo has written a very short and cute haiku about how she feels about summer! She touches the idea beautifully and the haiku fits the beats per line so well. (I always had trouble with that. So, of course, I'd be squealing about this one. XD)
I personally love how she ends it with what, to me, seems to be a sunset. But isn't that the point of interpreting writing? Everyone can have their own ideas about it. What is yours?
Little Lady
This one is a portrait-of-sorts of her cousin. (Out of respect for Lady-Rococo, I won't name the cousin myself. Please look at her image to see that!) Back to the image! 
Lady-Rococo mentions that this was an understudy of sorts where she used her own style to draw and paint. In my opinion, that makes this piece stand out in the way it does. Super choice! I'm personally enjoying the flowers behind the figure and around her, it definitely helps focus the piece. And look at how nicely the hair and eyes have come out in this! 

If you'd like to see more art from Lady-Rococo, please follow the link on her name to go to her page. It's certainly worth your time to spend a few hours going through the folders on top of the main gallery!

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