Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Current project and the sudden Thermometer

So thrilled to finally get Haley in panel 1! And my brain finally agreed to let me start hopping from panel to panel instead of treating them as separate pieces. (Because...yeah.)
I'm still very happy with how Valeon's pose came out! It's going to be so very fun to get that part of the scene finished. Seeing "Find the Way" in this is so exciting--I'll get to show the reaction that should have happened in the original picture. XD

In other news, I need to explain about the thermometer below this post! That's a way to keep up with the savings going toward the computer I'm hoping to buy. It's meant to show that my Goal is $645 (the price of the computer and insurance) and that I currently have $110 toward that.

The sale on commissions is open during this! $15 for character design and full color. If you'd like a full scene or multiple characters, please get in contact with me and I'm sure we can come to an agreement. ^^

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