Monday, November 11, 2019

Feature 46--KohakuKurama

My Gift
The color of the magic coming from this magic paintbrush is beautiful and I so enjoy how well it lights up the character's hair and clothing! It brings forward the folds and helps bring attention up to his face, after tearing attention from the so well painted goldfish. 
And now for a little bit of awe. Look how well they've drawn and painted his hands! Then how nicely his face and hair came out!

Half a Heart
This is yet another character that I know nothing about, but KohakuKurama says the name is Kiiro. They write a very interesting paragraph in the Artist's comments that I like to imagine as the character's thoughts. I wonder who this strand of string is attached to? The artist mentions that this piece is inspired by a song that they link to. 
But let me take a few moments to just stare at that sky and mountain in the background! I'm loving the clouds and the colors behind Kiiro. Those flowers in the left corner are also great for framing the character. Beautiful work!

Rin Painting
Doesn't it look like you could theoretically run your hand through this character's hair? Does it not look just as possible that Rin would slice at you with that blade for the offense? Don't know about you, but I'd try it anyway.
I really enjoy seeing different artists attempt a realistic style and KohakuKurama has absolutely nailed this one. It looks like a brisk wind could push that jacket Rin is wearing out of place. (And no doubt that it would send those folded papers flying!)

I've so been looking forward to featuring KohakuKurama's work as soon as it was shown to me. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing up this feature.
Go to their gallery page right here to get to see more!

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