Monday, November 4, 2019

Feature 45: asulalazula

Let me say exactly how impressed I am about the figure in this piece. It's amazing to my eye, look now natural her pose is! The two tone eyes are so cute, in my opinion, and look how well she took it through the image. The green goes lovely with the gems on her dress and her purple eye fits great with the background to all of this! 

Ellie is a character created by asulalazula Her smile is very cute, isn't it? The shorts caught my eye right off, they look like a comfortable pair of shorts to me. Love the detail that she gave the hair! This reminds me of just sitting on a small bit of dirt and giving a grin to someone she's chattering with.
Of course, I can't help but wonder if she's gonna get grumbled at about the dirt. XD

And let's just finish off with a bit of fanart. This is Monica, from a show named Hooky. Isn't the pose that she caught the character just beautiful? I can't decide what part I like the most about this one, that she's floating on her umbrella or just how that dress looks as she's going down into those flowers!

Haven't the backgrounds in all of these been amazing? It's so fun to look through all of these and see how the characters are actually interacting, instead of being thrown in without looking like they belong. (As I am still guilty of...)
Excellent work, asulalazula! I encourage anyone looking at this feature to go check out her gallery, you have much more to enjoy!

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