Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Haley is being difficult

Panel 1, for example. Look at her arm that's leaning on the table. That thing looks horrifying to me and I'm not quite sure what's messed up yet. I'll hopefully find a better reference pretty soon. Complaining aside? I'm excited to be starting on the characters now! It's going to be fun to get to Panel 2 to draw the girls' surprise at Valeon's show of temper!

Oh if I weren't so slow doing things without the dolls, though. At least the characters will be a lot less stiff. ^^

Speaking of drawing without the mannequins: My tutor has started lessons on how to draw the figure from the bottom up. We're on sketching the armature right now and finding how the body masses are tilted and shaped!
Expect to see plenty of my homework on this and please please wish me luck on this new adventure.

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