Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Coffee Time sketch

So. I'm sure you can see how Panel 3 starts with a nice rear but she's pointing in the exactly wrong direction. XD Tutor said that I didn't do the figure correctly, didn't build her arm like I should have. He plans on teaching me as soon as I can get the basic armature down. You'll see what comes of that fairly soon because I can't wait to step forward on that part. ^^

But let's turn our eyes upward to look at panel 2 instead! Valeon and Jesse decided to pose quite nicely for me. Tutor thinks that I got their idea down very well and that it's not exactly as stiff as Find the Way turned out. (It's thrilling to see it built better than in the original one!) Can't wait to get them finished and painted!

Before I can paint it though, I have at least 5 more characters to begin to build. Oh gosh, wish me luck. Wasn't I insane to decide that I wanted four characters in the first two panels? @@ It's not so much hard as it is just so dang busywork at the moment. XD
I'll be sure to put the update when I get it. Thanks for being so patient! ^^

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