Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Gesture sketches and relief


I'm half certain that these are going to post in a horrible website translation of what order I've asked it to do. Because how can a website understand what is intended as simplicity? XD That said, I'm going to be posting more phone images of these things (hopefully without putting my medicine front and center again!). My tutor has suggested a good type of paper to use when I'm going to be going through them as quickly as gestures require and I'm going to try to keep buying them--in my store, the pad of paper was only about 5 dollars for 100 sheets? Hopefully, I find more the next time I go by!
Anyway. Expect many more of these gestures in the future.

And the day this blog posts will have been my last appointment at therapy! It feels like I've definitely gotten more stable with my balance and I'm not getting exhausted so easily. let's hope that I get my sleep schedule back in order. Everything will be right again when that happens!

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