Monday, June 10, 2019

Feature 22--AnthonyH318

"Waterfall Sanctuary"
He has built this whole area from clouds. If you can't see the texture on this version, then follow the link to his page and look to the two in the background. Then, while you're there, take a moment or so to read the story he wrote out for all of this. You won't be sorry! He's as good in the writing as he is the drawing realm. 
This one absolutely had to be posted. It took him two days to get this whole thing finished up. And I can surely see why, look at all the detail on the table and all of those shoes! I really have fun with how he designed everyone's hair, too. Excellent work on that!
I can almost guess their personalities by how they're sitting and how they've fixed themselves up. This must be an entertaining gathering too, look how many of them are there! You better take a count of how many people are at this table. It's amazing, at least in my eye!

As for why I've only posted two this feature... Most people wouldn't know that I've already posted three of his works on the very first time I featured anyone like this! 
While I'm thrilled that he stepped up again when I called for people to feature again, he posted one from the first time. ^^; Thank you for letting me post your work anyway, AnthonyH318! (*plug to his dA gallery, which you have to visit*)

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