Monday, June 17, 2019

Feature 23--AmandaObst

A very well done drawing of a moth. I like it, the patterns on the wings look fairly realistic and I like how she got that fluffy-looking part over the moth's head to look correct. (At least going by the ones that haunt this section of state!) 

A really great shot, I wonder how long it took her to get this one? 
I like the emotion that she captured in this piece. That sculpture standing just even with the fence makes me see someone who is leaving a locked in part of their life, and the clouds really help to show what is being left in that fenced area.

This one looks exactly like she stated. Abandoned, no one left to see the marks that were made by gangs and whoever else would make these scribbles. Probably just wandering people who never intended to stay to see their "work" later, something just to claim 'I was here' to anyone else who bothers to come around this place. 
Do you see the water shown by the right side window? It just seals the place as being something that may not be easy to reach by the usual means. What kind of dare or trouble did the people with the spray cans have to go through just to mark up that wall? 

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