Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Another gesture sketch for Nadia

No one saw that I forgot a title here when I first posted. >>;;  <<;; At least you better not tell me! XD

So. Two gestures, neither one of them correct. XD It shoots out the idea of the pose but the gestures are awful as of yet. ...but I can't tell you how thrilled that I have two of them right now! There was a point that I'd be terrified to call this worthy of display.
I don't quite like showing them off right now. But surely the finished piece will be better! @@

Either way. Two sketches that are worth being played with. Who knows what will become of her later, it just better work out to my picky brain. And you guys will suffer with me. ^^

One Day Later

I think I found the pose! Cleaned up some pieces of the second one and added a number of darker and shaky lines, but this is the one who will become the drawing!

It feels good to be more thrilled with these attempts. She's not as stiff as she started as! ...But now, I am going to have to take a little bit of a break. I've caffeinated myself so my lines will never be less horrible til I let this picture set for a little while. XD

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