Monday, June 24, 2019

Feature 24-- Mario-19

I have to admit that I don't know anything about the Dragon Ball Super movie that Mario-19 mentions in the artist comment section there. That they do fusions of some kind is interesting though--the idea brought Cheely to his mind! It's a fusion that he created from Cheelai and Broly and he really did build a good one here. The character looks great and I love how well he colored her/him...if you remember from the last time he was featured, I have a soft spot for how Mario-19 colors things in. XD

Carmen Sandiego
This one is a super comparison of the 90s and 2019 version of the title character. The first thing in my mind is that both of these are better than the game they let us play in the computer lab when I was little. She has her own identity and the makers of the cartoon are superb at showing this! Just look at how differently they dressed her in each version...and it's still very clearly her. Mario-19 did a great job in showing this!

I am Momo...
And here it is, the character in that creepypasta (as I believe) that is yet another warning to be cautious with your internet/phone life! The story Momo comes from is a fairly well-written one and Mario-19 did a great job in showing the creature behind all the madness; her creepy face and the chicken legs she gets around on. This picture shows that Momo can easily read and answer in all the languages that exist and whether it is feeding itself or just enjoying the hunt, it is more than equipped.

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