Monday, April 29, 2019

Feature 19--butterscotchbob

It excited me when butterscotchbob put her work to be featured.

She does her work by gathering (and paying for high quality) pieces done by stock artists and bringing them together as one! (All of them linked in the artist comments of her images if you're curious to see the individual parts.) This kind of work has always interested me since there's so much more than just dropping stock into place--it wouldn't be much of a photomanipulation if it were so easy!
You'll see what I mean as we go through these pieces.

ButterScotchBob starts strong with this piece! I like to imagine that the woman is an elemental given life by this tree--perhaps she is the spirit that is connected with the tree who is helping the rest of the nearby area grow strong. How would the islands floating there have kept their lush greenery otherwise, being so disconnected from flowing water?

I could see this one being used in a video, with some soft music playing at this point. This one has great control over shadow and light, it's surprising how well it came together. Personally, I love how she got that gold background to work so well with so many different shades of red. Amazing work!

My favorite of the lot! It'd be so very nice to be able to sleep with a waterfall so close, the sound overwhelming everything else that could interrupt such peaceful rest. And doesn't all this blue look gorgeous together? What I love the most is how the darkness in this piece, as much as there is, doesn't at all look threatening. ...would love to get to stay in a space like this! 

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