Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Bedrooms are strange, sometimes.

Something strange happened in that bedroom that I've been working with. The bed decided that it didn't want to be in this room anymore! Not at all. It's with that in mind that it began to cook up a plan...There are all these colors around it...all the bed should have to do is sit there and soak up some of the colors anywhere in the room and it could make its sly escape!

Thanks to someone with a very quick camera who just happened to be in the room, there is now proof of this bold attempt!

 Yep. Hidden forever. Perfect.
Sir-Lance-a-Frog (posters) by DragonSteinCole

I guess that we should all be glad that beds don't have a sense of color. If it could have known what it was doing, poor Cera wouldn't have been able to go to sleep in this room. Not to mention all the busted toes!

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