Monday, April 22, 2019

Feature 18--Shizuko-Akatsuki

Life Return
The first time Shizuko-Akatsuki was able to draw blood in an image! That's something to cheer about. There could be plenty of works later on that might be helped to show an attack or injury and I wish her a lot of luck getting it to behave then. ^^
I personally like how she made this image. It looks like the darkness above and to the character's right is slowly pulling her in. Yet, the light on the left still struggles to keep her...The good news is that she woke up from whatever injured her!

Another of Shizuko's characters, this time falling from the sky. Isn't it interesting how the stars are still trying to keep her floating? (At least, that's how I see it.) Yes, the character is upside down, falling so quickly, but she still has something trying to keep her safe. 
Then again, look how some of the stars have turned black...have they worn out their energy? Did the character's cause of falling get to them? I enjoy having to ask questions like this, great job!

Danmaku Under the Red Moon
This is very fun to see. Look how the red is shining and not overwhelming everything in sight! Can just imagine how the character is lifted from the ground while she begins this attack! And isn't it amazing how Shizuko got the green of the bamboo to not be eaten up or demand all the attention?
That said, you have got to look at that background. That red moon shining down and all the color and stars. I'm always taken with backgrounds like this...those stars could have taken her ages to paint in! So super respect there. 

Go check out the rest of Shizuko's gallery! She has so much more like this, you won't be disappointed! 

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