Thursday, February 21, 2019

Gesture Sketches

My tutor asked me to do some gesture sketches a little while back. For these gestures, I used SenshiStock's poses from her blue flash drive (advertised here). She has a ton of great gestures that are allowed to be used for everything from assignments, drawing practice, learning how to draw parts of a body...everything great! If you're an artist and haven't found her yet, both those links above will put you straight to her dA and her site. ^^

Any photos that I post here are entirely hers. The icky sketches on gray are mine. We clear on that? Good. ^^

Time Limit on Sketches: 30-45 seconds

Yeaaah, I had 30 gestures to do, but these nine are the ones that made it to the png save. It fought with me to save at all. XD So showing 9 is better than none at all. The important part is that my tutor got the full version of the assignment. ^^; And I have no idea how I drew the pen sketches in such different sizes...every canvas was the same size.

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