Monday, February 18, 2019

Feature 10--jemenik

Belfry by jemenik

The first of two watercolors this time around. Isn't his handling of the sun reflecting in the water so well done? I've seen attempts of blending watercolors just turn everything to mud, so it's amazing that Jemenik didn't have this trouble!
And I can't help but wonder if the storm clouds are coming into the scene or going out. They help balance the stone on the left, keeping them from having to be painted too dark but still letting us see the sunshine on the stone. Isn't it interesting how the towers in orange look to be fallen? I wonder what happened to them... Love this piece!

Thaw by jemenik

The other watercolor! Doesn't the way that he sketched those trees make them look so full? And I'd love to play underneath that waterfall he painted. Can't you hear it falling into the rocks and the water below? 
To me, this whole piece looks so relaxing. ...wishing that there was a place similar to this nearby where I live. It'd be great to sit somewhere and listen to the splashing and see how the sun played on the water top and the edge of the rocks!

Thunder by jemenik

This one is an Inktober piece. His own tags mention that this is Greek Mythology but, shameful as it is to admit, my knowledge on that isn't the sharpest. I'm not quite certain what he has decided to show us here. ^^;
That said, I really do enjoy how he used the ink and made it do what he wanted. The trees at the top of the mountain and the ones at the base of the carving just makes me think how people would be around all of this. The beheading of statue imagery of someone that they may well have worshipped!  

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