Thursday, February 14, 2019

Cera's Bedroom, features, and figure sketches

I love frustrating myself. >>; Didn't paint half of my shadows that I planned... But so be it, this is the complete version here, til I get started with another perspective on this room.

Pretty thrilled though. Tutor got us started on drawing figures...and you know what that means. Gestures! Right now mine aren't too great, but I definitely expect that to change at some point. Might post the current 30 that I'm drawing next week, so expect that and other mildly boring work from my end for a little.

I'll keep doing the features as well, it's just nice to show off other people's good work. The only thing I need to change is the day I post my own...Let features keep Mondays and try to have my work posted on Wednesdays. XD Something will work out.

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