Monday, February 25, 2019

Feature 11--MysticDuskaStudios

Kyle Redesign(Blocks Eternal) (WIP) by MysticDuskaStudios
Kyle Redesign (Blocks Eternal)
This is a lined redesign of her Minecraft character! And that page with her original character mentions something about a comic as well...No wonder she's so excited about how this redesign looks! I personally like that the character isn't as straight and, well, blocky as he originally was. Without a doubt though, I bet he still fits in with the location when he's in color! 
Here's hoping that she continues to work on him and that we might get to see him a bit later. I can't wait to see what she comes up with!

Pokesona Reference (Please Critique her design!) by MysticDuskaStudios
Pokesona Reference
Loving this trainer. The information written on the right side of her states that she likes the Lucario best...well, sorry Duska, I'm going to have to disagree with you there. I will ever love the Absol over Lucario. ...*cough* But back to the artwork!
I really like the dress that she's wearing, especially with those trousers underneath it. And the belt fits the overall theme. ...with any luck, I'll get to see more drawn about her and her pokemon! Learning their personalities will be quite fun!

The Five Dragon Clans
The text in this link speaks of her dragon clans that she's come up with for her stories. Take some time to read through it! I mean, little pieces of her writing are why I started watching her, to begin with. So take your time to read this and go through her gallery for other written pieces. You'll not regret it.
(Well, here's a note for myself. I need to make a little icon of sorts to signal when I'm speaking about a written piece! I'm sorry I was unprepared this time, Mystic!)

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