Saturday, February 2, 2019

So...starting a black and white version of the room

Realized that I forgot a very important step in the painting process...finding where the light and dark are! So here is grayscale version 1. Hopefully this will work out properly!

Thanks for much help so far, Art-of-Akrosh!
Right now, I can tell I've overshadowed that bookshelf. If the shadow was that strong, the photos would be draped in darkness. And Cera is nothing like my Shadow Oracle, she doesn't care for them that much. XD
I think that I have the right shadows on the bed and bookshelf. Hoping that the shadow on the rug is right too. Will find out soonish!

And I definitely have to put dark and light on the walls and floor before I'm finished...then I can get back to actually painting!

This will be the version that I play with on the flat colors. Wish me luck!

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