Monday, February 4, 2019

Feature 8--Azurelly

Homecoming I - Cornelia by Azurelly
Homecoming 1 - Cornelia

Azurelly mentions that she was inspired to draw this after seeing a scene from the older Dissidia games. I don't know anything about those games but this piece is very well done in my opinion. The colors look like they're from the highest point of this character's travels--as it should be, the character's finally getting to go home after a long adventure. Look at how the town he goes toward is so pale against the pink of the sky but is still so very easily seen. Where he's walking to is oh so close!
And he has left his battling behind, shown very well by how the sword and shield were put down where he had been before starting across this field. 
May he not have to pick them up anytime soon!

Aurora lights by Azurelly
Aurora lights

I personally love how those stars and the color in the painted aurora has come out. And all the focus goes straight towards them! She worries that the background looks quickly slapped onto the piece but I see it differently...the lack of detail on the fields that the character is going through helps to give the eyes some rest after looking at the stars above it--at least in my opinion!

Life... Dreams... Hope... and some art by Azurelly

Looking at this forest scene makes me want to go through it myself. Wouldn't it be so nice to walk on this grass and maybe take a rest against one of the trees like the character she painted? The flowers in the grass are so easy to see...and it's not even because of the butterflies Azurelly has fluttering around! 
I also love how she's pushed the background even further out by making it fade in the light! 

All three of these are amazing pieces! You really have to go to the links I've provided and see them for yourselves. 

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