Monday, January 28, 2019

Feature 7--BloodyWing

Richmond Castle Whales by BloodyWing
Richmond Castle Whales
My eye initially goes to the castle on the left side. Can you blame me? Look at how BloodyWing built the walls that we see. Then go down to the rocks and river below! It's about there that I noticed the whales in the sky. Not exactly where you expect a couple of these giant things!
In all, I love this. It's a great painting and the way s/he painted in the trees and river have kept my attention for quite a while.

London master study by BloodyWing
London master study
Now for this painting, take a look at that gorgeous sea and bridge! The close-up of the stone road looks lovely. I enjoy how s/he has made the lights beside the road and especially the reflections in the water below. Speaking of, hasn't the artist done a brilliant job with the sun reflecting on the water's waves? This also shows the boats on the top of the water very well.
I keep repeating myself. But that's only because I'm so taken with how s/he painted the water--you guys may well have figured out that waters in any paintings will get a lot of cheering on that. 

I have got to recommend you to visit their whole gallery!

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