Thursday, August 30, 2018

Bedroom Layout and Paprika study

Was quiet the past couple of posts, not talking about the drawing projects. So have both of them at once!

The good news about the layout sketch is that Art-of-Akrosh is going to teach me how to use Blender (a program I downloaded ages ago but never used) to get an idea of how part of the image will look in 3D!
All of this is so exciting!

Final layout

And as for my other project I've been posting about:

That girl needs a lot more work. XD Not sure that I followed the perspective for her...The fellow won't be too much worse when I finally put him on the seat instead of floating on top of it. >>; I'd wager that his clothes will be that little bit easier since the 'professional' style was...somewhat mimicked with the woman.
Gosh I need to watch Paprika sometime. Calling them by name would be a lot easier!

Edit Sep 1: Semi finished the fellow--there's plenty of work needed on those arms. But I'm thrilled to have finally gotten this far.

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