Sunday, August 26, 2018

Smartphones can't understand accents

I was playing with my phone and found the voice command option. Decided I'd try to get it to bring me to this website...and well... I got the most interesting results. Asked it to search for/find this website with voice commands and, well...

The best results:
--'5 right birds'
--'rights Birds us'
--'rache Birds uas'
--Tried that last one again and it responded "These pictures should match".
--On another try, it took me to a page asking if I meant 'rachel birds us'.

I can't even get it to take me to my main or art pages of this website. It currently thinks I meant art. Rache Birds. Us.
...Sorry, friend, I think my accent is more difficult than you gave it credit. XD But this has been a very entertaining five minutes. I'll be testing out more phrases later!

And something to do with art: I have a new assignment! It's to do with the bedroom layout I sketched the other day.

Currently am trying to look up and learn the basic dimensions of a bedroom (and the items inside) so I can lay it out inside a grid, for an idea about the scale of the whole thing.

So Clip studio has a grid, that part was easy:
What isn't going to be as simple is copying this whole thing with the grid. ...At least that's what I worry. Then again, I've been worrying quite a bit lately.  This is probably nothing at all. 
The best thing about getting this picture on the grid is that my tutor's going to teach me how to use that Blender program I downloaded ages ago!

I believe he told me that he's using Zbrush right now, but he has experience with Blender! You have to look at his digital sculptures that he's created semi recently. I know he's been working on that demon sculpture for a bit.


  1. The only way to make it work better is to teach it by using it more. The primary reason my Google Assistant works so well is I use it a lot. Google has an extensive search history from me. They have some degree of access to my voicemails. Their algorithms hear me and read my words a lot.

    At least, I think that's how it works.

    1. I'm sure that's how it's done. It's just so funny to play with it right now. ...I'll probably be using the swype keyboard to type in the names though. Sounds like it'd be the easiest to do, anyway!

      Have to admit how stupidly fun it was though!