Sunday, August 19, 2018

I've returned with another sketch!

Finally have something to show here after a couple weeks!

@@ I think the fellow is floating, so I need to fix that, but then I'll attempt to ink this. I swear though, these characters have been like trying to run on a roller coaster track!

Tutor's going to tell me how to correct these two once I build the characters a bit more. So I look forward to that! It's just driving me crazy that these guys aren't at all as "perfect" as I usually make myself get to. shouldn't bother me so much, since these guys are purely sketches but, tell you what!

Thankfully, he's said that he'll be setting up some assignments to help me break this habit of mine. And he's assured me a few times that it's good that this and other things he's noticed me doing has shown up like they have. If it hadn't shown up yet, we wouldn't be able to do some exercises focusing on that problem. We can knock it on the head and I can stop freezing like this!

Gosh, I can't wait.

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