Wednesday, August 1, 2018

The puzzle of phone cases...

Did you know it was impossible to find a phone case in store? >>; I mean, sure. Everyone else would buy them up. But I had to get home and order mine online.

Not that there's a problem with that! It might have wound up a little cheaper than if I'd had to buy it in store! And the best part is that I've finally found a case that appears to look like the back of my phone!
And I don't think I could have asked for it to be any cheaper, what and having to match up for the exact type of phone I have...Thank goodness for the guy running the smartphone section at walmart today or I'd have never gotten this far. XD

Still wish that I could have been certain about another case. It's a little prettier (and somehow a little cheaper?!) but, since it says nothing about a thing my phone's specific about, I'd rather be sure I'm only paying for one case instead of two. ^^;

No idea how good this is going to work out right yet. BUT when the case is delivered and I've had time to figure out how to squeeze the phone into it, I'll attempt to give a small idea about how well it does its intended job.
...not that it'll be a special thing, it's a phone case. But y'know...

Also, in a couple of days, I'll have a little more to show for this drawing project:

Tutor mentioned I forgot to use the perspective in trying to sketch her out...and yes I did. Such an obvious thing to forget! Can't wait to get it fixed up. XD


  1. Cases are good. So are screen protectors. The phone I've got right now is the first one I've ever owned to get an Otter box case, so naturally that's the one I'm using.

    1. The screen protectors are the little plastic like pieces that you put directly on the screen, correct? I haven't gotten one of those yet. But the case I bought looks like it's exact for my phone--we'll see! And I hope it isn't too hard to put on the phone.

    2. Cases are usually easy to put on unless they're waterproof. And screen protectors are the film that goes over the screen, and they are a pain to put on, but they can protect your screen from more than just smudges, they add another layer of defense against scratches and cracks.

    3. They ought to be cheap then, maybe a few dollars for three or four? I'll look around thanks!
      Is it easy to do everything with one? I've heard of folks having trouble typing and the like.