Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Bedroom layout v.3!

Now this looks a little more like something my character would do!

Weapons locked down in their own space with a simple repair table beside them, retired crossbow hanging on the wall in this spot. A few steps away is her small couch and table with the remote so she can watch her television. Behind this couch is a bookshelf.
North of this is her drafting table where she tracks what vampire or monster she's hunting and where she keeps notes of nearby towns she's visited.

On the other end of the room is a dresser with a large (and loud) alarm clock nearby her bed. Below this is a stand with a radio, then her closet with the rest of her clothes. Tucked into its own space is a small bathroom with a toilet and sink.

These are so much fun to put together! ...I wonder if I'll be saying that when it comes to time to draw whichever of these 5 rooms I've chosen?

This is the finished layout!

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