Saturday, July 21, 2018

Bedroom layout 1 & 2

I'm supposed to draw 5 of these. And gosh I hope that I don't put as much empty space in every single one of them! least, I'd hope Cera could use her space better than I drew here. @@

based from a thumbnail I particularly liked

And of course I'm noticing everything now I've posted this. I could move the drafting table and bulletin board upward. After that, move the table between the couch and tv.
...and I left the couch and tv unmarked. Bah.

Not too unhappy with it right now, all complaining aside. ^_^

I very much like how this one came up! The room wasn't made excessively large (as I was complaining before) and it looks like my character has done a much better job of using her space. XD

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