Friday, July 20, 2018

Room layouts! How fun.

I wish I could get up to drawing like I should. >< I am supposed to be playing with layouts for an imaginary bedroom--and it looks relatively easy!--but everything is just keeping me so busy right now. And I need to do about five or ten of them so we can decide which one to keep.
(...warning about that link, by the way. It's just a google image search for layouts.)

I have a pretty fair idea about what I initially want, too. It'd be easy to mimic one or two of these til I get a better idea! And I certainly will get a better idea when playing with these layouts. It's just when in the world will I get the burn to pick up the tablet again?!

That's probably just a personal problem anyway. That or I'm simply lazy but it sure can't be that now. >>;

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